Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finished some Layouts

I have several layout that needed some journaling.

Nothing in order by date.

DSC_87351 DSC_87361 DSC_87371

hand stitched the words-------my daughter and the kids playing the blues------The kids and myself in VA amusement park

DSC_87381 DSC_87391 DSC_87411

more in amusement part --------------------Starting our Christmas trip to NC mountains

DSC_87421 DSC_87441 DSC_87451

More Christmas trip

DSC_87461 DSC_87501 DSC_87561

More Christmas trip

DSC_87641 DSC_87591 DSC_87611

Us on Christmas trip-----------------Maddys volleyball team did well in tournament


Blake Mackenzie and I went to zoo 2014------------Valentine flowers from hubby---------Hot Tub Beauties in the winter


Last of Christmas ones


Ava wins a trophy---------my horse as a child

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