Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 Things

Kinzie is so sweet in this photo. I love to watch the kids with their different expressions.

Imagine If....

A photo of Maddy during one of my photoshoots with her.
This is a premade digi page. All I had to do is drop in photo.

A Boy & his Dog

Blake wanted me to take his picture with Coco, their dog. I got him with a great smile. Maybe his old smile is finally returning.

Our Visitor

While we were vacationing in Canada we had a visitor. He visited 3 different times. He was just a baby but very big to me.

Canada sunset

I'm getting into doing more digi scrapping than anything. This was done for a challenge using a 4X6 template.
A photo I took of a Canadian sunset. Well one of 50 photos at 1 min intervals.


A trip to Chicago in December 2008. Boy was it ever cold. A group of us went and walked the city. We enjoyed a good meal and back home.

Aubrey's Smile

It is so hard to get Aubrey to smile for you. I got this one when she was doing something else and wasn't watching the camera.

Ant Riding

I went to Disney with my daughter and her family. What a fun week we had. This is Ava riding on the giant ant at the playground.

Mom and her flower basket.

A photo of my Mom buy one of her flower creations. Oh how she loved to garden. I think of her everyday and wish she was still here.