Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Club Scrap Blog Hop “Oopsie Daisy”

Welcome to my part of the Club Scrap blog hop.
This month we are showing “Oopsie Daisy
I made myself try a new item(new to me).
I tried using the masking stencil and the gelatos.
I stopped by a friends house on way to my sons.
I’m working on the canvas in photo above.
I made several pages with different colors and different stencils.
Also used sprays at friends house.
The cards fronts are made with my favorites papers I made.
I used a black pen to draw the lines.
 I printed out several greetings and inked the edges.
I used the extra paper I purchased for the fronts borders.
White cardstock is from staples.
This is what my granddaughter made.
Pretty good for a 8 yr old. I helped with measurements.
I want to thank everyone for all of the comments for June’s blog hop. 
Thank you for visiting my blog during the Club Scrap blog hop.
I hoped you enjoyed your visit here and the rest along the way.
If you get lost go to link below. Or continue on to Tricia.
Jill P <- you are here
Next on the list is Tricia.


  1. You had me at stencils and watercolor!

  2. Absolutely love your ideas this month Jill.

  3. Well done Jill! I love what you have accomplished with your masks and stencils and your 8 yr old grand daughter did an amazing job!!

  4. The card fronts are my favorite too!

  5. Hi Jill! The cards are really beautiful. Love that you used the stencils. Tell your grand daughter that she did a fabulous job on her cards too! Have a great day.

  6. Glad you got a chance to play with the masking stencil and different mediums. It can be quite addicting. The artwork looks great on those tall, narrow cards!

  7. Jill, I love how wonderful these turned out for you, stencil playing is so much fun!

  8. Awesome results with the stencils! The cards are lovely.

  9. You had great results for sure Jill! Thanks for posting these!

  10. Wow,Jill, you have been soo creative,love how it all turned out with the stencil and gelatos. Your cards are beautiful. Well done!!

  11. THat looks like a lot of fun and the cards are beautiful!!

  12. Nice cards! The gelatos are beautiful.

  13. Jill I love your results and cards. It is also wonderful that you created with a friend and your granddaughter.

  14. Fun and pretty! Thanks for sharing your creations.

  15. Terrific job, Jill! I love how the cards turned out. :) Thanks for joining us on the hop!

  16. Very nice cards Jill - I like how you used the stencil

  17. Your flower cards are beautiful, Jill! ...and so are your granddaughter's cards! How fun to do a project with her! It's cool to see vertical cards and I love the huge flowers!! Thanks for sharing!