Friday, June 26, 2009

I been busy!

It's been a long time since I posted. I been all over the country or world.
I went to Florida in December and back again at end of January.
In April I went to Florida for a birthday, then on a Caribbean Cruise.
My first cruise. A lot of fun. # days of scrapbooking, too.
After cruise I spent a week at DD house in southern Florida.
Then back to northern Florida for 2 birthdays. So much fun.
Mother's Day I left for a fun week at Disney with 2 of the grandkids and their parents.
After that home for a couple of weeks.
In June I left with DH for our trip to Canada. We visited with friends and spent a week inthe greygoose on my DH favorite lake. We cught lots of walleye, we only kept the ones we were going to eat. We had a bear visit 3 different days. I even got some pictures of him. We had some beautiful sunsets, too.
Back home till Aug. I didn't know it was so tiring to be retired!

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